Just for fun


Oh how I love Timbits. I mean,  what Canadian truly doesn’t?

Photo courtesy of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timbits

Okay… So I’m writing this post because I made a Timmies deal.  I write a post about timbits for my sister to read if she brought me some timbits.  I WILL BE DISSAPOINTED if these timbits never appear. 

For my none Canadian readers.  Timbits are a Canadian staple eh!.  A glorious little doughnut from Tim Hortons.  Tim Hortons is similar to a dunkin donuts, if you don’t know either, sorry…

Many think that Timbits are actually doughnut holes. But,  they aren’t. Timbits are actually made with their own cutter. They were first introduced in April of 1976. Yes,  the Timbit celebrated it’s 40th birthday this year!

They have come a long way since then and come in various flavours ( chocolate glazed, jelly filled, dutchie, honey dip, sour cream glazed, old-fashioned plain, old fashion glazed, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apple cider, orange-tangerine, creamy caramel, cherry cake, honey cruller, pumpkin spice, and apple fritter)  some of these flavours are seasonal!

Personally,  I love apple fritters.  Unless its fall.. Which means everything pumpkin!!

So to my lovely sister….  I would really love those timbits now!

See ya soon!

My sister rocks!


4 thoughts on “Timbits!

  1. I haven’t had any Timmies for ages. I didn’t even know they had salted caramel. Sadly my doctor has removed donuts from my list of foods I can have


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